Orchard Store

Munchkey Angus Beef


We have raised our own beef cattle since 2003.  When you visit us, you can buy: steaks, roasts, hamburger and more!  High quality and grown naturally.  (Of course they eat apples.)

 Live Strong - Eat Beef!



We have had honey bees since 2009.  The hard working honey bees do a wonderful job pollinating and we work hard taking care of them.  Mother nature in a bottle.

Sweet Cider


 We press our apples every week, so you can get your fresh cider here! 

Brix Hard Cider


Brix Cider of Mount Horeb,  made it's first batch of hard cider in 2016 with Munchkey Apples.  We have their quality ciders for sale here.  https://brixcider.com

French Farm-to-Table Wines


Our neighbor, Micca has traveled to southern France since she was a teenager.  She has become an expert on French wines.  She now has a special connection to French family vintners. We have those quality French wines here for you.  


Galpaca Farm


Another of our great neighbors are the owners of Galpaca Farm.  They bring us their amazing alpaca products to our store for you.  


Just Down the Road From Us

Linstroth's Valley View Farm


When you visit us, you must also visit the Linstroth's for all your fall produce and fall decorations.  They have a large variety of pumpkins and lots of quality decorations and produce.